About Me


I’ve been a software developer for about a decade and I live in Raleigh, NC. I prefer iOS and web app development. If you need a resume, go here.


I do not believe that a dumpster list of used, read-about, or heard-it-mentioned-once technologies is any meaningful measure of a developer and actively hides more useful skills like project management, picking the best tool for the job over what you know, and engineering principles.

I like iOS and web app development, but I’ve done full-stack at day jobs. I prefer to make things that impact users directly.

unsorted list of buzzwords I’ve used recently

angular, javascript, iOS/most *Kit frameworks, swift, node, sails, mocha, jasmine, ruby, capybara, cucumber, protractor, html, css, bootstrap, foundation, git, jenkins, teamcity, es6, bower, npm, yarn, hugo, grunt, gulp, markdown, react, java, gradle, tdd, agile, kanban, and the catcher in the rye.

The future of the web is web components, and the future of software is leaning on platforms to build value. I’ll use the best tools for the job as they rapidly and repeatedly cycle in and out of use.

stuff I don’t use

If you’re looking for this experience or tech stack specifically, I’m probably not interested.

tech why
.NET This never seems the best option for the job given open-source alternatives
PHP It’s 2016 and I don’t work at facebook where I’d be using Hack anyway
Android1 The SDK/toolchain/simulators are awful

1 If the toolchain/sdks ever improve, I’ll reconsider my position. In the meantime I would stick to react native even though I normally caution against middleware.


Want to discuss an interesting project? Think I might be interested? E-mail me and let’s talk.